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In 2018, Interswitch started a journey to change the future of African students through InterswitchSPAK, a niche but very powerful tool for growth and development of the African continent. Upon the successful off take in Nigeria, Interswitch decided to expand same to kenya another of her key markets.

With over $6m committed towards STEM-focused impact across Africa, InterswitchSPAK has fulfilled the dreams of 45 Spaksters in Nigeria and 24 Spaksters in Kenya to pursue their tertiary education at reputable schools in Nigeria, Kenya, US, UK and beyond.


On each episode, a True-life story is narrated by the protagonist who wants to share his/her story. The narration is spiced with a re-enactment (drama) of the incident or experience. Issues that are thrown up in the story are then discussed in-depth by a select panel of experts who will then proffer advice and /or help to the protagonist.

The objective is to proffer solution/advice and or alternative ways of handling such situations based on the expansive knowledge of those on the panel. A-Z is very interesting and educational. It is a wide selection of human angle stories such as relationships, taboos, human rights, marriage, incest, barrenness, greed, success, HIV/AIDs employee and employer relationships etc.

The Show

The TV Reality show is recorded in a world-class film studio, complete with ideal scenery sets, using audio and video equipment that rivals the best available quality, anywhere in the world. Shot in Full HD format (Sony HXC100), A-Z offers remarkably improved signal-noise ratios as opposed to comparable sensitivity films, thereby delivering a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Impact So Far
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Apple Pro Res 422 1920 x 1080i /50

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4 pairs of Stereo for HD: WAVE

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