This is a true-life story that reflects the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. The story highlights the problems that infertility and infidelity can cause in a marriage.


This tale revolves around Rotimi Adams, a thriving young man entangled in the challenges of infertility and infidelity, grappling with these two formidable adversaries across the embrace of three distinct women.


Set against the backdrop of Africa, where a childless marriage is often viewed as a ticking time bomb, this story revolves around the journey of Rotimi and Anita Adams as they navigate the challenges of infertility. Six years into their union, while Rotimi resists familial pressure and maintains composure, Anita finds herself succumbing to the societal expectations and relentless quest for motherhood.

In the pursuit of conceiving, Anita's desperation leads Rotimi down unexpected paths, involving encounters with old flames and his secretary, injecting twists of drama, love, intrigue, and laughter into what was once a peaceful life. This engaging drama series promises a rollercoaster of emotions, keeping viewers on the edge with a mix of heartwarming moments and unforeseen twists.

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