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"Set Me Up" is Nigeria's thrilling relationship game show where love is the key to winning big. Hosted for 13 exciting weeks, three teams compete each week, testing their bonds and knowledge for fantastic prizes, including cash. From married couples to friends, contestants face questions spanning entertainment and personal life. In each episode, one winning team moves forward, inching closer to a 100,000 Naira prize.


Join the fun, drama, and heartfelt moments where relationships are put to the test on the most exciting relationship game show in Nigeria. In the blue team, we have the Sonny couple; in the red team, two lawyer brothers; and in the yellow team, friends Jide and Emeka. The competition is fierce as they strive to prove their connections and win the grand prize. The show kicks off with an entertaining trivia round, where the red team emerges victorious, showcasing their knowledge of the Grammy Awards' history. The winners not only advance to the next stage but also stand a chance to win a substantial cash prize.

As the show progresses, the red team faces personal questions, demonstrating their closeness and compatibility. The episode concludes with a reminder to cherish and nurture relationships, emphasizing that love is the ultimate motto of "Set Me Up."

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