Dont Forget Lyrics

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Our client, Zain says music is one of her ways of expressing commitment to creating a world of laughter, fortune, fun and freedom for all its customers, and so is determined to connect with customers in a variety of ways and in diverse locations at home, at work and at places where they play. Don’t Forget the Lyrics is a 360-degree multimedia interactive entertainment format around Music / Lifestyle already licensed in over 40 countries of the world.


This is not a talent Contest. You don’t have to sing well; you just have to remember the Lyrics to 10 hit songs to win the Jackpot. Each contestant competes alone and must sing correctly the missing lyrics to 10 songs in order to win! The objectives of Zain’s sponsorship of Don’t Forget the Lyrics include to empower talented Nigerians, provide consumers access to world class entertainment without the need to subscribe to satellite TV, and enrich Nigerians by giving them opportunity to win up to N20 million at a go.

Impact So Far

TV Reality

Territory :


Target :

Male and Female

Year :

Season 1 (2009)

Sponsor :

Zain Telecomms