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A fresh, weekly family magazine TV show, ONGAcious, dedicated to showcasing Nigeria's culture, tourism, and promoting healthy living. ONGAcious is proudly sponsored by Onga, a brand under Promasidor Nigeria Limited, renowned for producing Cowbell Milk, Loya Milk, Top Tea, and other household favorites.


The series is a weekly culinary magazine show designed for families. Each episode offers a diverse range of content catering to the entire family, encompassing aerobics, wellness, family discussions, meal of the day, a City in Focus documentary, musical performances from the band, and engaging interactions with the studio audience. The hosts will skillfully lead and oversee the various segments on the show, complemented by lively music from the live band. In every episode, viewers are immersed in the distinctive history, traditions, and culture of a particular city or town. Beyond the documentary, a knowledgeable individual well-versed in the local culture captivatingly guides the audience through its historical journey. The show also showcases a variety of local foods that viewers can prepare, emphasizing the health benefits of these delectable dishes.

Impact So Far
Theme :

Culinary Show

Territory :


Target :

Male and Female (18 years and above)

Reach :

Season 1 - 2 (2018 - 2019)

Sponsor :

Promasidor Nigeria