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Lucozade Boost Freestyle is all about searching for the most energized individual who will emerge as the winner through a dynamic road show spanning in four major cities Enugu, Calabar, Onitsha, and Owerri. The road show features engaging activities, including a float for fun, brand education, and sampling, allowing people to firsthand experience the brand. Before the road show, a robust and localized media campaign intensifies anticipation within the locality. Get ready for an exhilarating search that blends entertainment, brand interaction, and media buzz to unveil the energy champion of Eastern Nigeria.


Embark on a thorough quest to discover the most energized individual in Eastern Nigeria. The program unfolds over 13 dynamic weeks, featuring a captivating road show across major cities, brand engagement, and sampling activities. The heart of the competition lies in the weekly episodes, where enthusiastic contestants are scouted during road shows and evaluated by a distinguished JURY. The process involves shortlisting the best performers from each city, leading to intense studio presentations and eliminations. As the competition progresses, the remaining contestants face themed challenges, each week culminating in eliminations until only the top four contestants remain. The grand finale is a spectacle where these finalists vie for the coveted star prize of a car in front of a lively audience and the discerning JURY. Complementing the main show, the LB FREESTYLE HILITE SHOW provides engaging pre-event insights and post-event reviews, offering viewers a glimpse into the preparation, evictions, and behind-the-scenes moments. This supplementary show enhances the overall experience and builds anticipation for the thrilling main competition.

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TV Reality

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Male and Female (18 years and above)

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