A blissful marriage is disrupted when the shadows of the past resurface, challenging Teju Cole to release his pursuit of perfection and compelling Andrea Cole to confront her haunting demons.


A beautiful couple enjoy their marriage until a storm rocks their perfect world when the a past came calling. Teju Cole has to let go his obsession with perfection and Andrea Cole has to confront the demons from her past.


Teju Cole, a devoted man, returns to Nigeria with his wife, Andrea, to manage his father's law firm. Their idyllic life shatters when Teju learns about Andrea's past as a runs girl. Feeling betrayed and devastated, Teju's mental breakdown turns him into a wife beater. Embarrassed, Andrea endures the abuse, hoping Teju will overcome it. Realizing he needs help, Andrea faces the dilemma of staying silent, confiding in her mother-in-law, or fleeing, as suggested by her friend.

Impact So Far
Theme :

Drama Series

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Target :

18 years and above

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Season 1