Show me di mone

It's all about winning the Money


Show Me Di Mone is an engaging game show where contestants have the chance to win exciting cash prizes. The show introduces the "Twelve Divas of Money," a group of enthusiastic participants ready to compete for big winnings. Viewers are also invited to participate by predicting the location of a 10,000 Naira prize hidden in one of three value boxes. The show combines suspense, strategy, and a bit of luck to keep audiences entertained.


In each episode, the host welcomes a new set of contestants to play the game. The participants, like Mr. Francis Osine, face the challenge of choosing the right box to reveal a cash prize. In a twist, viewers at home can also join the excitement by predicting the winning box through a text message. The selected contestant gets the opportunity to answer a question for additional winnings. The show keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with its unpredictable outcomes and moments of triumph or decision-making as contestants decide whether to continue playing for more rewards or secure their current earnings. "Show Me Di Mone " promises a thrilling experience for both participants and viewers alike.

Impact So Far
Theme :

Quiz Show

Target :

Male and Female

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Season 1