TRULIS presents true human angle stories to the viewer in a way that entertains, educates and calls to action.


Human existence is a continuous journey filled with various challenges and triumphs, a consequence of the inevitable circumstances encountered in the pursuit of survival and significance in a demanding society. Amid the pursuit of "survival of the fittest," life's tribulations reveal that the strongest individuals are not always the survivors; sometimes, they are the smartest, learning from the experiences of others or, more often, the luckiest.

TRULIS unfolds genuine human angle stories that entertain, educate, and prompt action. The series offers an engaging perspective by delving into the day-to-day experiences of Mrs. Franca Mathews, the Editor of a popular News Magazine and owner of an Events company, as well as those around her. These occurrences and events present issues with resolutions seen from different angles, depending on the viewer's perspective.


TRULIS unfolds as a drama series, weaving together everyday occurrences through the perspective of a central character, Mrs. Franca Mathews. Her life, encompassing relationships and activities, serves as the gateway into various stories within the series. Franca, married to Dr. Babatunde Mathews, proprietor of a private clinic, shares her life with their two children, 17-year-old twins Taiwo and Kehinde, and a 12-year-old ward. The Mathews, a close-knit middle-class family, exerts a positive influence on those around them, including staff, neighbors, colleagues, and relatives.

The series captivates with its unique narrative, where events in Franca Mathews' day trigger the recounting of incidents involving her life or those around her. These occurrences present issues with resolutions that can be viewed from different perspectives, allowing viewers to empathize based on their inclinations. Franca often serves as a conduit, providing a platform for viewers to witness and learn about diverse issues.

Impact So Far
Theme :

Drama Series

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Target :

Male and Female

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Season 1

Episodes :

13 ep