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In the face of adversity, Joshua, a dedicated family man facing financial struggles, undergoes a devastating loss when his wife, daughter, and modest possessions are claimed by a loan shark due to an unfortunate gambling incident. Undeterred, Joshua is determined to reclaim what he lost, even as his role as a father undergoes testing circumstances.


Joshua, a dedicated school teacher, proud father, and devoted husband with unwavering moral principles, grapples with a significant weakness for gambling, a vice that consistently strains his marriage. Seeking a better life, Mabel resorts to borrowing from Jaga, a loan shark and smuggler. Unfortunately, Joshua's bitter streak of gambling results in the loss of the borrowed money, leading Jaga to seize Joshua's meager belongings as collateral.

The shock intensifies when Jaga questions Mabel about repaying the loan for her beer parlor business, and she suggests moving in with him while contemplating her next steps. Faced with the loss of his property, wife, and daughter in a single unfortunate incident, Joshua resolves to reclaim his family at any cost.

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