Dettol Stars

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Dettol Stars is a sponsored edutainment show that highlights exceptionally bright and talented children in our society. The show celebrates their outstanding skills and talents, with the presenter engaging in conversations about their abilities. The children are also encouraged to provide practical demonstrations of their skills and talents, showcasing their abilities for the world to witness.


Dettol Stars is an edutainment show dedicated to showcasing exceptionally bright and talented children in our society. As a special treat, these children receive visits from celebrities in their respective fields, offering valuable advice and potential mentorship.

Designed with a specific focus on the urban, mass children, and mothers' market, the show promises unforgettable discoveries, entertaining interviews, and highly discussed moments. Viewers get a glimpse of young achievers who exhibit their uniqueness to the public eye. Anchored by a celebrity host, Dettol Stars is a dynamic blend of action and entertainment, ensuring both information and enlightenment for the audience.

The show is presented as a chit-chat, docu-feature Reality Show with an in built competition to discover the Dettol STAR kid per episode. With Special interviews; vox popli and other Segments, the show informs viewers with happening around and the need for each kid to strive to be the best in whatever talent/skill they’ve got.

The show has a definite urban, mass children/mothers’ market focus and appeal with unforgettable discoveries/revelations; interviews that are entertaining and highly talked about.

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