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To ensure a stable future for her son, a terminally ill wife stipulates in her will that her husband must remain unmarried until their son reaches the age of ten. Now, four years later, Maxwell Lawson finds himself caught in a dilemma choosing between letting go of his newfound love and honoring his late wife's heartfelt wish.


Maxwell, a photographer and single father to a 4-year-old son, lost his wife during childbirth. Engaged to Anu, a promising On-Air Personality, they share a deep connection. Anu, an only daughter, faces pressure from her mother to marry David, her fiancé of over a year and a half, who seems indifferent about marriage and frequently spends time with his late wife's sister, responsible for his son's care.

During a heated discussion about marriage, Maxwell reveals to Anu that he cannot marry her until his son turns eight, honoring his late wife's final wish. Anu, taken aback, issues an ultimatum for him to resolve the situation or risk losing her.

Chioma, a lawyer and Adaora's late sister, is devastated upon learning of Maxwell's intention to remarry. Unbeknownst to everyone, she has harbored feelings for Maxwell and believes it's her right to marry him after her sister's death, regardless of the time elapsed. Determined to sabotage his relationship, Chioma is prepared to go to court. Anu, perplexed by Chioma's hostility, tries to bridge the gap. Caught in an unwanted legal battle, Maxwell faces the dilemma of sacrificing everything dear to him or losing the woman he loves.

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