Unayi Health Centre is a unique TV program that centers on the day-to-day activities and relationships that go on in the primary health centre.


Unayi Health Centre is a unique comedy series that centers on the day to day activities and relationship that go on in the primary health center. The issues dealt with are essentially health related and how the medical personnel dispense primary health care to the various characters in the Unayi community who will be coming in and out of the Health Centre with both health and non- health related issues.


A comedic series centered on fundamental healthcare matters within a community, Unayi Health Centre is brimming with surprises, humor, thrills, and entertainment. Unayi Police Station, on the other hand, is a distinctive TV comedy series that delves into the daily activities of a highly professional, level-headed, and wholly devoted career police officer

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Theme :

Drama Series

Target :

Male and Female

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Season 1

Episodes :

78 ep