Budget Menu

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For the Nigerian working-class woman, numerous demands vie for attention, with food being a significant contender. Nonetheless, the endeavor to make regular meals 'special' for her loved ones holds immense value and importance, encompassing both the preparation and consumption aspects.


Women consistently desire appreciation from their spouses and families, particularly in the realm of cooking, as they deeply value their relationships. Recognizing the significant role of good meals in fortifying these connections, Budget Menu emerges as the conduit that fosters love and strengthens family bonds through delightful and commendable dishes.

This show is crafted to “edutain” its core audience, illustrating that with minimal effort, one can transform everyday meals into something special. Presented in a captivating and engaging format, Budget Menu promises to be a must-watch for every woman and, by extension, the entire family. Additionally, the show aims to positively influence creative approaches to utilizing various ingredients to extract maximum value with minimal effort.

Impact So Far
Theme :

Culinary show

Territory :


Target :

Primary: Women [18-45] years old
Secondary: Men [18-50] years old irrespective of marital status. Women [above 45 years], Children: boys and girls [7-14] years old