Tales of Intrigue, betrayal and deceit


Deacon Sesan Arasanmi, a devout and religious man, Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Projects, a respected figure in his local church, extended family, and society at large, finds his well-ordered life and esteemed reputation at risk due to a significant mistake.


Deacon Sesan Arasanmi, a devoted father and loving husband, is a pious and disciplined gentleman known for maintaining control in every aspect of his life as the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Projects. Despite excelling in family, work, and church, his life faces challenges with his younger brother Ayo Arasanmi and a mistake made in his official duties. Desperate to preserve control and order, Deacon Arasanmi decides to reorganize the life of his less orderly younger brother.

Meanwhile, successful stockbroker Bankole Adefola struggles to navigate his tumultuous marriage with the quarrelsome and dependent Adesuwa for the sake of their two daughters. When Adesuwa's behavior escalates, Bankole encounters Franca, a calm and independent woman who captivates him but is not ready for marriage. Will Deacon Arasanmi restore order in his meticulous life? Can Bankole endure his stormy marriage? Find out in "Tousled," a drama rich with emotions, filled with love, lust, and chicanery.

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Season 1