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Winners to get Varsity Scholarship as Brightest Agric Science Contest Begins April

As part of her 20th anniversary, JustMedia Productions (a subsidiary of DM Holdings), Africa’s foremost ideation and content production firm has developed Brightest National Agric Science quiz competition to promote the study of Agricultural science with technology across high schools in Africa. According to the release signed by Tosin Tiodunmo, Head of Operations at JustMedia, Brightest National Agric. Science Quiz Contest is an edutaining, interactive and simple-tofollow science-themed, curriculum-based quiz contest that allows real students with real passion, compete and win life-changing full funded university scholarships just by exhibiting their unique talents.

With the world’s population hovering around 8bn people, Africa is facing a myriads of challenges especially in her growth and development. Research reveals that over 60% of world’s arable land is in Africa, making Africa a pivot in solving these seemingly huge problem. However, industrial agricultural development in Africa has had very low off-take. For this to change positively, there is the need for Africa to start a deliberate agricultural revolution, which will astronomically increase food production, food processing and food preservation using technology.

She stated that “We are convinced that working with these young minds with the right education and motivation is one sure way to start the awareness and invariably the revolution needed to change the narrative positively”.

The Online National Qualifying Examination witnessed the participation of over 16,000 brilliant students from over 2000 secondary schools (public and private) across Nigeria. The best 81 students from the NQE will proceed to the second stage - the TV series of the competition, where these students will converge in Lagos to battle it out in an ultra-modern IT driven quiz show to determine the winners for the season.

The maiden edition of Brightest National Agric. Science Quiz Contestshow will be transmitted from April 2024 on DSTV Africa Magic Family, AIT Network, TVC Lagos and across the Brightest National Agric. Science Quiz Contest digital platforms.

Brightest National Agric. Science Quiz Contest is JustMedia’s latest addition to many awardwinning edutainments shows such as InterswitchSPAK National Science Competition - Nigeria and Kenya, Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz show, MathContest Nigeria - Junior and Senior; Champ Inter-School National Quiz Contest; WordSmith National English Language TV Quiz; to mention but a few.

SPOTLIGHT: 81 students qualify for second round of Brightest Agric Science Contest

Eighty-one student-participants have advanced to the second stage of the Brightest National Agric Science Quiz Contest, a competition to promote the study of agricultural science with technology across high schools in Africa. The Brightest National Agric Science Quiz Contest is organised by JustMedia Production, an ideation and content production firm, and sponsored by OCP Africa, BlackCountry Farma and Providus Bank.

The 81 qualified students were selected from the pool of over 16,000 applicants from over 2000 secondary schools (public and private) across Nigeria who participated in the online national qualifying examination.

The selected will proceed to the second stage – the TV series of the competition, where these students will converge in Lagos to battle it out in an ultra-modern IT-driven quiz show to determine the winners for the season.

The Brightest National Agric. Science Quiz show will be transmitted from April 2024 on DSTV Africa Magic Family, AIT Network, TVC Lagos and across the contest’s digital platforms.

Emmanuel Akinbola, one of the qualified students from Maitrebuilder Schools, said although all participants are brilliant minds, he has a “100 percent” chance of winning the quiz competition.

The 15-year-old, who hoped to become an engineer, added that he would dedicate himself to the knowledge of technology and conjure innovations to help improve agricultural output.

“It feels good to be part of the finalist. We have just been coached against nervousness and told to look at our goals. And not be jittery about the competition. All the participants here have brilliant minds, and the winner might just be the person who puts in more effort. I believe I have a 100 percent chance of winning this competition. I believe in God,” Akinbola said.

“I want to be an engineer when I grow up. Since I was younger, I have loved technology. I enjoy tweaking radios and coupling home appliances. I believe that technology will bring about change in the world. Agriculture depends on technology, and we can see how much tech innovations have impacted food production.”

On her part, Tiaminu Omotola, another qualified student from Al-Amin College, said she was initially sceptical about her chances of making it to the second round. The 15-year-old added that advancing to this stage of the competition has encouraged her, and she is aiming for the finals. “I am excited because, at first, I thought I could not do it because of the number of participants. Now that I am in the top 81, I think I can make it to the finals.”

Also, AbdulRaheem Abdullah, another selected student from UNIMAID Demonstration College in Borno, said he hopes to be a medical doctor but admitted that “agriculture is life”. He added that humanity can eradicate “hunger, poverty and unemployment” by emphasising agriculture more. “I am trying my best to win the competition. I have the chance to be among the top candidates. I have been reading and practising my knowledge,” Abdullah said. “I have learnt that agriculture is life. If we, as a society, can focus on agriculture, we can eradicate hunger, poverty and unemployment. “I want to become a medical doctor in the future because I want to help people, especially those suffering from disease and help the poor people.

On her part, Onuigbo Chinemerem, another qualified student from SMAC College, said the preparation for the quiz competition had taught her great lessons about life. The 13-year-old said she learned to be “a hero” and use her knowledge and talent to help people. “It is a great opportunity for me, and I have learned a lot. I have learnt that we should attempt to be a hero and use our opportunity and talent to help others,” Onuigbo said.

Here is the full list of the 81 students selected for the next round of the Brightest National Agric. Science Quiz.

University DUEL
University Duel debuts in Nigeria

Top Nigerian Universities are stepping up and throwing their hats in the ring to participate in University Duel 2024. This is evident by the speed, excitement and endorsement with which they have signified their interest in the battle of the best brains. University Duel is an initiative to spur undergraduates towards providing solutions to the current myriad of businesses and societal challenges distorting the economic growth and development of the nation.

TThe competition will see teams from various prestigious tertiary institutions across Nigeria compete in a series of rigorous and engaging challenges that will test their knowledge, problem-solving skills, and creativity across various STEM disciplines. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and push the boundaries of scientific and business exploration in areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence, data analysis, verbal reasoning, applied mathematics, sustainable engineering, general knowledge etc.

According to Mr. Oladapo Ojo, Chief Content Developer DM Holdings and Executive Producer of University Duel 2024, “we are thrilled to launch University Duel, a platform that celebrates the passion, ingenuity, and dedication of our future innovators, techprenuers and scientists. The idea is to help our future leaders bridge the gap between the theory and application of what they are being taught in the university, with a lot of opportunity for mentorship. The competition is about fostering the spirit of teamwork that will propel Nigeria towards a brighter, more technologically advanced future”.

Ojo further explained that University Duel is a school-based competition which provides a platform for students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges, develop critical thinking skills, and gain hands-on experience in their respective fields. He said the project comes with exciting cash benefits and the opportunity to secure grants for their schools, and most importantly participants get the opportunity to interact with professionals, potential investors, and other stakeholders which we believe will lead to internships, mentorships and job placements both now and in the future.

Curated by JustMedia Productions Limited, in association with Cruxlearning - a platform for intellectual empowerment, University Duel aims to foster a culture of collaboration among undergraduates across tertiary institutions as well as alumni, parents, educators, researchers, industry professionals and the general public who are interested in the growth and expansion of knowledge in science.

Since 2004, JustMedia has been at the forefront of providing credible edutainment projects that are shaping the lives of many students in Africa. To date, we have platforms such as Cowbellpedia Mathematics TV Quiz Show, InterswitchSPAK National Science Competition (Nigeria & Kenya), MathContest Nigeria, Brightest National Agric Science Quiz Contest to mention but a few. JustMedia has developed a cordial relationship with major stakeholders such as UNESCO East Africa, Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), Kenyan Ministry of Education, NECO, Nigeria’s Federal & State Ministries of Education.