Who We Are

SevenSeries Ltd is a TV Content Production company set up to deliver world-class entertainment to the discerning audience across media/engagement platforms. SevenSeries aims to be the reference point in the TV production in Africa. SevenSeries is introducing top-notch drama series; miniseries; sitcoms, executed with strong African relevance and context that will excite her teeming viewing audience and deliver strong emotional connections with sustained and growing viewership all through the coming years.  

SevenSeries is a member of DM Holdings Limited (DMH) a Conglomerate, which has vast interests in content generation and production using cutting edge tools and exceptionally creative team of Professionals. With various top-quality productions that cuts across various entertainment formats. SevenSeries has a deep-rooted tradition with strong appeal to various targets using unique; fresh and creative approach in delivering top end contents i.e. Reality & Game Shows, Children; Quiz; Sports; Lifestyle; Tourism & Dating; Music; Culinary Shows.

Our Tools

Our various series/formats are recorded mainly in our world-class film studio, complete with ideal scenery sets, using audio and video equipment that rivals the best available quality, anywhere in the world.  Located in the heart of Ogba, Lagos - Nigeria, is our full HD TV production complex with Production and Post Production facilities. This one-stop complex has:
  • Purpose built TV Studio with all the necessary auxiliary services.
  • Over 20 quality HD Camera chains including Sony HXC 100; Blackmagic; DSLR and studio facility with Crane, Dolly, Tracks, etc.
  • 48 - channel audio digital mixer including over 40 wireless microphones.
  • Twelve (12) Full Post production facilities - Mac (Final Cut Studio)
  • Two (2) Full audio production facilities
  • Full production complex of over 750sq meters
  • Full support service facilities i.e. green rooms; makeup rooms; costume; hair salon etc.
  • Reception Lounge to seat at least 300 people conveniently.

Our Projects