A unique love story between two people from different worlds.


ThirtyMinutes is a story that blends genuine and fake love between Binta and Sola. Even though they live under the same roof; they are from two different worlds. 

  • Category Drama Series
  • Episodes 39 x 22 minutes
  • Executive Producer(s) Oladapo Ojo, Funmi Oladapo-Ojo
  • Producer(s) Ogugua Dopamu
  • Writer(s) Biodun Stephen
  • Director Oladapo Ojo


ThirtyMinutes or less, is all that it takes for a life changing experience. Such is the case of Sola Dosunmu, the CEO of DOME media- a high rating Radio station and TV station.
Sola, a widower who falls head over heels in love with sophisticated and beautiful Binta Mahmud, a lady he met on the plane on one of his international trips.

Though torn between his love for his late wife- Evelyn and his rocky relationship with his estranged son Dele, Sola finds comfort in the arms of an evil incarnate, Binta, but not for long.

Binta, a gold digger with a shady past discovers she stood to gain next to nothing from Sola’s wealth and so begins to plot and scheme by blackmailing every single trusted  ally including the  legal counsel Abass, who in a twist of events, was Binta’s one time lover. Sadly many lives were lost in getting Sola Dosunmu down.

ThirtyMinutes is a sweet blend of Intrigue, Romance, Suspense and Drama


The series is recorded in a world-class film studio, complete with ideal scenery sets, using audio and video equipment that rivals the best available quality, anywhere in the world. Shot in Full HD format (Sony HXC100), Thirty Minutes is offering remarkably improved signal-noise ratios as opposed to comparable sensitivity films, thereby delivering a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Format Details

  • Frame Ratio: 16:19
  • Specs: Apple Pro Res 422 1920 x 1080i /50
  • Audio Format: 4 pairs of Stereo for HD: WAVE
  • Sample Rate: 48.000KHZ
  • Bit Depth: 32 Bit