About Us

FirsTv (RC 1013478) is a full TV/ Radio production complex with Production and Post Production facilities. FirsTV owns and manages one of the biggest and most equipped studios in West Africa with considerable investment in audio and audio-visual facilities.

Our World-Class Production Facilities

Our various series and shows are recorded mainly in our fully-owned world-class TV/film studio, complete with ideal scenery sets, using audio and video equipment that rival the best available quality, anywhere in the world.
Located in the heart of Ikeja, is our full HD production complex with production and post-production facilities. This one-stop complex has:
  • Complete purpose-built TV Studio (20M X 22M X 8M high); with factory fitted central AC system and all the necessary auxiliary services.
  • Over Twenty (20) quality Full HD Camera chains including studio Sony HXC 100; Blackmagic; DSLR and studio facility with Crane, Dolly, Tracks, etc.
  • 48 Channel Venue Digital Audio mixer including 40 wireless microphones.
  • Ten (10) full post- production facilities – Mac (Final cut Studio)
  • Seating hall/ holding area that can accommodate 250 guests per time; Dining room for 120 people
  • Production back-room offices i.e. green rooms; makeup rooms; costume; hair salon etc.
  • Full production complex of over 750sq meters
  • Two (2) Full audio production facilities (Final Cut Pro) + Final Mix Studio

Our Projects