Set Me Up


Set me Up is a family game show that tests family members’ knowledge of one another’s mental strengths and weaknesses. Itis aimed at strengthening family ties, as well as motivating prospective participants to showcase their knowledge in a manner that is both rewarding and entertaining.

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The show involves three sets of couples (could be marriage partners; siblings; parents and children, etc.).
Three contestants, i.e. one from each family, sits in the hot seat as 2 questions each are asked in 4 categories, namely, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, and Trivia.
After each question is asked, the other (non-contestant) member of each family presses a bell to indicate that his/her partner can answer it. The fastest person to press the bell gets the chance at the question. Each correct answer earns a handsome financial reward for the couple, and the couple with the highest score at the end gets a fantastic overall prize as well.


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