COPA Coca-Cola


The COPA Coca-Cola show is a weekly prime time entertainment show on TV that celebrates open happiness via Football. It showcases the exceptional skills of targets- children including their behind-the scenes stories and projects the brand as a dependable ally/companion.
The setting will be cozy and unique to depict the relevance and association with the targets and exude the International nature of the brand with a touch of class in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Produced in HD, this weekly show gives viewers a chance to know more about Football and Coca-Cola in a very unique way and is also a bridge between Nigeria’s Old and new Football Stars.   CCC is  full of action and entertainment!

  • Category TV Reality
  • Episodes 5 x 5 minutes
  • Executive Producer(s) Oladapo Ojo
  • Producer(s) Ogugua Dopamu
  • Writer(s) Ogugua Dopamu
  • Director Oladapo Ojo



Format Details

  • Frame Ratio: 16:19
  • Specs: Apple Pro Res 422 1920 x 1080i /50
  • Audio Format: 4 pairs of Stereo for HD: WAVE
  • Sample Rate: 48.000KHZ
  • Bit Depth: 32 Bit