Budget Menu


For the working class woman in Nigeria, so many things compete for attention, including food. However, the issue of making regular meals ’special’ for her loved ones is of great value and importance, both in terms of preparation and consumption.
Women always want their spouse/family to appreciate them even in their cooking. They always cherish their relationship. For that reason, good meals have been identified as a very important ‘strategy’ that strengthens a woman’s relationship with her husband and family. 

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Budget Menu is therefore that vehicle that promotes love and strengthens relationships in the family via good and appreciable meals. It is designed to edutain the core targets by showing that with just a little effort, one can always get something special out of an everyday meal in a captivating and interesting format that will be a must-watch for every woman [and invariably the whole family].
Budget Menu will have a strong and positive influence on the creative ways of using the brand on other ingredients to get the best value out of them without much effort.



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