Tales of Intrigue, betrayal and deceit


Deacon Sesan Arasanmi, Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Projects;  very pious very religious, gentle man, a pillar in his local church and extended family, well known in society, a caring father and  loving husband makes a mistake and his well-organised life and name face the threat of being soiled.

  • Category Drama Series
  • Episodes 142 x 22 minutes
  • Executive Producer(s) Oladapo Ojo
  • Producer(s) Ogugua Dopamu, Funmi Oladapo-Ojo
  • Writer(s) Sumbo Oladipo
  • Director Oladapo Ojo


Deacon Sesan Arasanmi, is a caring father and loving husband. A very pious and strict gentleman who always manages to be in control of every situation, this Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Projects life has always been all about Family, Work and Church, areas he had managed to excel and stand out as a shining light. The only sore points in the picture-perfect life of the Deacon who is a pillar in his local church and extended family is his younger brother Ayo Arasanmi and a mistake the Deacon made in the line of duty. In a desperate bid to ensure that he remains in control and maintain the orderliness he has painstakingly built his life upon, Deacon Arasanmi decides to reorganise the life of his not so orderly younger brother.
Bankole Adefola a successful stock broker is trying very hard to stay in his rocky marriage to the very quarrelsome and dependent Adesuwa only because of their two lovely daughters. But just when his wife takes her crabby behaviour to new heights, he meets Franca a very calm and independent woman who rocks his world but is not ready for marriage.
Will order be restored in the life of the fastidious Deacon? Will Banky remain in his stormy marriage?  This remains to be seen in Tousled a drama charged with Emotions and filled with love, lust and Chicanery.


The game show is recorded in a world-class film studio, complete with ideal scenery sets, using audio and video equipment that rivals the best available quality, anywhere in the world. The series is Shot in Full HD format (Sony HXC100), offering remarkably improved signal-noise ratios as opposed to comparable sensitivity films, thereby delivering a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Format Details

  • Frame Ratio: 16:9
  • Specs: Apple Pro Res 422 1920 x 1080i /50
  • Audio Format: 4 pairs of Stereo for HD: WAVE
  • Sample Rate: 48.000KHZ
  • Bit Depth: 32 Bit