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Joshua, a struggling but devoted family man loses his wife, daughter and meagre property to a loan shack in one unfortunate gambling incident. Joshua plans to get them back at whatever cost despite his paternity being tested

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  • Category Drama Series
  • Episodes 1 x 90 minutes
  • Executive Producer(s) Oladapo Ojo
  • Producer(s) Ogugua Dopamu, Funmi Oladapo-Ojo
  • Writer(s) Biodun Williams
  • Director Biodun Williams


Joshua, a school teacher, proud father and devoted husband with strong moral standard has strong weakness for gambling a vice that constantly put his marriage in troubled waters. In search of a better life, Mabel takes a loan from Jaga, a loan shack and smuggler.  Unfortunately, bitter Joshua loses the money in a gambling fit and his default on the loan will have Jaga cat away Joshua's meager property from his home. His greatest shock is when Jaga asks Mabel how she hopes to pay back the loan she took for her beer parlor business and Mabel ask to move in with him while she ponders on a way forward. Joshua who loses his property, wife and daughter in one unfortunate incident plans to get them back at whatever cost.


The series is recorded in a world-class film studio, complete with ideal scenery sets, using audio and video equipment that rivals the best available quality, anywhere in the world. Shot in Full HD format (Sony HXC100), Thirty Minutes is offering remarkably improved signal-noise ratios as opposed to comparable sensitivity films, thereby delivering a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Format Details

  • Frame Ratio: 16:9
  • Specs: Apple Pro Res 422 1920 x 1080i /50
  • Audio Format: 4 pairs of Stereo for HD: WAVE
  • Sample Rate: 48.000KHZ
  • Bit Depth: 32 Bit