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clmcbanner-(1).jpegCruxlearning Mathematics Contest Africa is an initiative of CruxDeals Limited, a digital company providing technological solutions to everyday challenges.

September 24, 2021

Nelson Mandela, the iconic Madiba who led the liberation of the black South Africans from apartheid once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’.
Changing the world through education is exactly what CruxDeals is doing as they are about to unveil the next generation of African innovators who would change the world. CruxDeals has launched Cruxlearning Mathematics Contest Africa (CLMCA), the First Pan-African Mathematics Reality TV Quiz Show for high school students. With $10,000 worth of scholarship and the title of African Mathematics Champion up for the winner, this show is set to disrupt the status quo in the reality TV show genre in Africa.
Cruxlearning Mathematics Contest (Africa) is open to students in Year 11/ Form 3/ SS 2 of African descent in Africa or diaspora, irrespective of country of residence. A pan-African Contest, it is designed to encourage the study of mathematics; identify exceptionally brilliant African students, improve their exposure on the various possibilities of Mathematics and give them a platform to explore the world.
Registration for the competition is currently ongoing and ends on the 24th October 2021. Interested students should visit and click the Cruxlearning Mathematics Africa icon, click the Registration tab and fill out the registration forms. Entry into the competition is FREE.
According to Ife Ilesanmi, the Group Head, Strategy and Growth for CruxDeals, we have put together a curriculum that has factored in all the various educational curricula both in Africa and the other parts of the world for this contest.  Registered students will go through a few stages in their quest to become the African Math Champion. In stage one, all registered students will take the global qualifying Online CBT examination from Monday 25th October to Sunday 31st October 2021 on the CRUXCBT platform; a well-crafted computer based online test solution for the conduct of credible tests competitions and examinations.
From this online test the Top18 Students will be selected and invited to the CLMCA house in Lagos, Nigeria for the stage two - a mix of Quiz and Reality TV format where they will be given various tasks to perform and also receive industry leaders as guests in the CLMCA house.  At the end of the show, the Ultimate winner will emerge with the bragging rights and the University scholarship.
Cruxlearning Mathematics Contest Africa, is a 28day highly competitive show which will be transmitted across platforms (all major digital, Cable and TV). It will showcase the best brains Africa has to offer the world
Cruxlearning Mathematics Contest Africa is an initiative of CruxDeals Limited, a digital company providing technological solutions to everyday challenges.