2019 Cowbellpedia National Examination Results Released!!!

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Results for the 2019 Cowbellpedia National Qualifying Examinations were released on the World Milk Day, June 1st 2019.

June 03, 2019

The 2019 Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Mathematics competition result is out. 56,073 candidates across Nigeria took part in the examination out of which 8% in the Senior category and 17% in the Junior category scored above 50% which represents the pass mark.

This is the season five of the Project that has identified and projected outstanding students and Teachers within the Nigerian landscape. 
We are pleased to assocoate with Cowbell and these future leaders who will certainly make the universe a better place with their knowledge of mathematics.
Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Mathematics TV Quiz Show is a Nigerian national mathematics television quiz show that debuted in 2015. From the large number of students that write the examinations annually, the best 108 will converge in Lagos along with their teachers for the ultimate prize/ bragging rights of the Best Mathematics student of the year. To view results, visit http://www.cowbellpedia.ng/#/finalists or engage a chatbot on Facebook Messenger via the link https://www.messenger.com/t/343772949817451